Spencer Iverson
Spencer started his first business at the age of 12, sweating during the hot summer building his lawn service. At Georgia Tech, Iverson earned a patent and by the age of 28 had become the CEO of a publicly traded company.  Iverson attended law school at Mercer University. Introduced to the industry of network marketing, Iverson was a quick study and applied the lessons learned from those he acquired as an entrepreneur for more than 12 years. He has co-authored a top-seller, The 3 CEOs Formula and appeared in and written articles for numerous national publications, radio shows and television programs. Iverson is an expert at equipping professionals for maximum achievement and is recognized internationally as a gifted motivational and instructional speaker and trainer and has earned millions of dollars in the industry of network marketing.

Favorite Quote
 “You will NEVER get ahead in the race of life looking over your shoulder. Learn from your mistakes, forget your failures and GO GET WHAT’S YOURS!”
Mark Sterling
Mark A. Sterling is a leadership catalyst, whose expertise equips emerging leaders with tips, tools and techniques to realize their full potential. Prior to entering the direct sales industry, Mark was the owner and CEO of an IT consulting firm that provided services for Fortune 500, Government and International clients. During Mark’s twelve years of direct sales experience, he has been mentored by the industry’s top leaders. In previous projects, Mark has assisted multiple team members in his network to achieve six-figure incomes. He has grown organizations that have spanned dozens of countries and trained on multiple continents. He is a principled leader who abides by the hierarchy of faith, family and then finances.  His immediate goal is to assist 20 families in creating six figure residual incomes. He strongly believes that through FAITH, hard work and persistence, ALL things are possible.

Favorite Quote
“You must be able to see your goals behind your eyes, so that you can see them in front of your eyes!”
Jonathan Green
Mr. Jonathan Green is a former Computer Engineer who earned a 6 figure salary in corporate America.  Mr. Green entered into the home-based business industry 12 years ago part-time to replace his corporate salary and buy back his time.  Since then, Mr. Green has been extremely Successful as a Success Coach, helping multiple people earn six-figures from home. Recently Mr. Green partnered with Paycation Travel.  Within 3 weeks his Organization reached the Executive Diamond Position. His short term goal is to help 20 families earn a six-figure residual income within his 1st 12 months.

Favorite Quote
“The PAIN of SACRIFICE is easier than the PAIN of REGRET”.
Our Journey

The Avengers is a network of likeminded, ambitious, professionals who leverage the industry of network marketing to create a purpose-driven, financially rewarding lifestyle.

The “Avenger Network” is a movement. It’s an experience. It’s a passion with a purpose. We build our network on the pillars of unity, loyalty, professionalism and integrity.

Prospects do not “choose” the Avenger Network, they are invited. We don’t pursue, we interview.

Welcome to the future!

By definition, this word means  “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.” This network places a high value practicing this virtue and demonstrating it often.


This team prides itself on establishing and maintaining a standard of professionalism that is reflected in everything that we do..


Leadership is cultivated through personal development and is a quality exhibited throughout the organization. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”


Championships are won by teams more often than individuals.  We use our collective gifts to further the team agenda, and by so doing achieve individual successes.


Always esteem others better than yourself.  Learning and practicing this simple, yet powerful, principle will help you conquer your fears and realize your fullest potential.